New Tool: Chocolatey Application Wrapper for MDT

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I’ve been spending some time recently working on my own private Deployment Share, one of the downsides is the overhead of keeping my application packages up to date. The worst offenders are of course Google Chrome, and the Adobe Flash and PDF readers, seems like these packages are constantly changing, and I need to find and update frequently. If only there was a better way, something to make adding packages easier like my Dell Driver Pack Update tool, or the ZTIWindowsUpdate.wsf script found in MDT to run Windows Update/WSUS. Any way to keep my environment up to date without the manual hassle. :^)

There are several tools out there on the internet that help and assist you with application package management. At first I started looking at, however their tools are designed for End Users, and if you want to have an automated solution…

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Illegitimate Source IPs At IXPs – Franziska Lichtblau

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Presentation file: Franziska Lichtblau: Illegitimate Source IP Addresses at Internet Exchange Points (PDF)

Interesting talk to watch… A thing or two to think about in the current internet when remembering the year Pakistan hijacked YouTube. [1] [2]



Why Excel Should NOT Be Used for Business Reporting — Drifting In and Out Of Steel

This is the distillation of a thought process that has come to fruition over the years, when the realisation started to sink in that not only is there no plan to move away from Excel spreadsheets for business reporting, the great white hope at the time appeared to rest on Power Pivots to enable everyone […]

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“can you marry modern thinking” ?

Today I accept that Rails is yesterday’s software.

I make my living, and run my entire company, on Rails, and it has been the underpinning of my career. I’ve sold every client I’ve ever had on the virtues of rapid, agile development and the insane community involvement of the Rails platform. I’ve watched DHH with ‘interest’ and admired most of the things he has to say. I’ve watched other platforms spring up to compete and enjoyed the competition between them. I stumbled across Why’s guide, I absorbed books by Pragmatic Press, watched Peepcode tutorials, Railscasts, subscribed to Codeschool, and felt a part of the industry which formed around this new style of development. Design played a bigger part not just in the websites we made, but the development tools we used. Even our API documentation appeared to breathe life.

Development felt cool, and this was a big deal given the culture we were used to.

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